“.Dear charlotte I wanted to offer my sincere thanks. You may recall you saw me earlier in the year and noticed a dodgy looking mole and advised that I got it looked at. Well it turned out to be melanoma and I have to undergo an operation to get it sorted. The consultant said that my prognosis was very good because it was identified early. If it wasn’t for you it would have got worst and I could have ended up with full blown skin cancer. Thank you ever so much , the consultant even said “you should thank your osteopath”. SB

Charlotte, thank you so so much for everything you have done for me. You got me through a horrid pregnancy and continue to help whenever I need you. You have been there for me and sorted me out when I came to you in tears of pain and I left with a huge smile on my face. You are amazing, thank you!      CB -artist

I found Charlotte at Busybones to be a very professional and knowledgeable osteopath with a warm, caring and helpful approach to her work.  I have been to see her many times with lower back pain, sometimes in great pain, and she has helped me enormously. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  MD- Horse rider

I went to see Charlotte following NHS drs telling me I was fine. I was in tremendous pain and I knew there was something being missed. NHS Neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, specialist physiotherapists all said I was fine. After the first meeting with Charlotte I had some hope to hold on to. She encouraged me to get further investigations as she also believed something was being missed. She was correct and even went that extra step by reading up and investigating herself what may be causing my loss of movement in my foot, pain in my leg/hip. When I spoke with Charlotte following a successful meeting with a trusted orthopaedic dr, Charlotte was able to tell me what I had wrong before I told her! She worked hard on my lower back, pelvis and has made a tremendous difference. Before I met Charlotte I could not cycle on an exercise bike. I now can, in short bursts. I am not in the severe pain I was with my pelvis, although it is still not correct but this will take time due to the complications of my peroneal nerve in my leg. I cannot thank Charlotte enough for her help, encouragement and going out of her way to find out what was wrong. If you have something that Charlotte can help with then please do not hesitate. She saved my sanity…..made me feel comfortable and is genuinely a lovely lovely lady. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me xx – LW – teacher

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