About Me

Charlotte kulow BSc Hons MRO


I qualified from The British School Of Osteopathy, London in 1997. I have been registered with the General Osteopathic Council since regulation began in 1998.- I am as of the 13th September 2017 no longer registered with the GOsC as I am currently living in Germany, therefore I can not use the title Osteopath for this duration .

The General Osteopathic Council (www.osteopathy.org.uk) is the governing body of UK Osteopaths, which has strict code of ethics and professional code of conduct.

In November 2010 the Department of Health wrote to the chief executives of all of the non-medical healthcare regulators setting out their current expectations in relation to the development of revalidation.I have recently taken part in the pilot study for the” revalidation “of osteopathy, this study has been a year-long project.

I have worked in many different countries and had the pleasure of a working at the children’s Osteopathic centre, Harley Street, London.

I have a great many interests from sports/dance to pregnancy and children.
I am a keen sportswoman, riding, swimming, walking/ballet – unfortunately they don’t get my full attention due to family commitments.

I try very hard to understand my patients and give the best care I can with follow-up advice if necessary.

I am a member of the Institute of Osteopathy -www.iosteopathy.org



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