Human Anatomy Edinburgh University

Wow , what a week .

I have one of the most exciting, inspiring weeks . I have spent the week in the anatomy labs at Edinburgh University .  It was a course designed for radiologists , which i managed to squeeze onto ! (

Touching, feeling human cadavers, getting to the absolute core of human anatomy all thanks to 3 inspiring teachers , Proffessor G S Findlater , Dr Hugh Montgomery and  Dr F Kristmundsdottir.

I learnt so much, re evaluated my understanding of the human body. Human dissections are rare and only the privileged few get to be a part of learning in this way.

Thank you to you to all that donate their body’s to human sciences. One person has a ripple effect in helping thousands of others .

So now what ?

Masters in Human Anatomy staring in september , now that really would be something, maybe this week was just the start of something new  !