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CPD month

So this month is CPD month , I have to manage 15 hours learning with others.  So I am leaving the cosiness of the Scottish Borders and heading  off to Edinburgh and then to London.

First port of call is ” The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh” . A symposium held on behalf of sports and exercise medicine. Session one – all about the influence of exercise and obesity and its complications along with the beneficial effects of exercise prescription in many clinical conditions. Session two – the challenges of sports injuries including management of concussion, development of systems delivering emergency care at race courses and the evidence base in sports and exercise medicine will be reviewed.( maybe my next shift will be at Kelso race course!) Session three looks at the challenges of delivering overall medical care at major sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games.

Then on to the British School of Osteopathy for a 2 day osteopathic refresher course, covering techniques/nutrition/clinical methods/anatomy and lectures covering multiple sclerosis and ovarian cancer.

Sounds amazing …i always come back from these courses with renewed vigor and with a certain amount of dread about what my kitchen will look like on my return !!